What is a clitoris? the papers wished to know. Is it an unsteadiness in the hand? Is it a trembling in the mouth? Is it an organ unduly excited or overdeveloped?

~After Sappho, Selby Wynn Schwartz

Fun happens when we experience the confluence of three states: playfulness, connectedness, and flow. Fun requires being entirely present in your experience.

~Catherine Price

I consider reading the greatest bargain in the world. A shelf of books is a shelf of many lives and ideas and imaginations which the reader can enjoy whenever he wishes and as often as he wishes. Instead of experiencing just one life, the book-lover can experience hundreds or even thousands of lives.

~Gene Roddenberry

Once an unlikely occurrence is incorporated into the story of a life, or a death, it becomes almost impossible to see the alternative possibilities that once existed.

We confer meaning to control our existence. It makes life liveable. The alternative is frightening. Randomness is banal. It diminishes us. But the truth is we resist meaning almost as often as we insist upon it.

~The Premonitions Bureau, Sam Knight