Delight seems insubstantial; happiness feels more grounded; ecstasy is what I shoot for; satisfaction is hardest to attain.

~The Sentence, Louise Erdrich

But knowing everything is too much like knowing nothing; without a story, it’s all just information.

~The Candy House, Jennifer Egan

I saw you, as if in the middle of a sentence…

From Out of Some Other Paradise by Alex Dimitrov (2017)

“before the invention of boundaries (which was the invention of fences, and also the invention of countries – countries being the invention of men wearing clothes the colour of trees, patrolling the arbitrary lines, the dark promise of their rifles);

before the invention of stamps (which was the invention of bureaucracy, which was the invention of embassies, which was the invention of old women gathered hopelessly on Hope Road, the quartz of their sweat glistening on their foreheads)”

~from “Here That Was Here Before” by Kei Miller