“creative output of any kind depends upon a steady stream of tiny self-delusions — guardrails to keep yourself from veering into a pit of self-doubt and despair…”

R.E. Hawley

we are not doomed yet

juggle the numbers

some are doomed

but not the 3 of us

or not the 3 of us

just yet

or maybe 1 of us,

the smallest,

the 1 of us

still learning


who doesn’t know

what 2 of us

are keeping to ourselves

~from Alphabet, by Ailbhe Darcy (2018)

No matter what I’m writing, it’s never a waste of time.

I’m always working through something. I’m always trying to arrive at a new location.

Even I can’t see it right away, it’s happening beneath the surface.

~Jami Attenberg

Your dress waving in the wind.


is the only flag I love.

~Pattern by Garous Abdolmalekian; translated by Idra Novey and Ahmad Nadalizadeh (2020)

“I hoped that she was not yet dreaming of death, but of gardeners wrapping strands of their own hair around dirt clotted roots, and fascist sheep, and a life carved from a single block of wood, and a man trying to wash the shame from his feet.”

Laura van den Berg, I Hold a Wolf by the Ears

“Knowing the outcome infects us. We’re rational beings that think things are supposed to make sense.It’s very hard for us to wrap our heads around a bad outcome when we didn’t do anything wrong.

Or that there’s a good outcome that’s just random.

We’re really uncomfortable with randomness in that way. It’s just the way we’re built: to recognize patterns.”

Annie Duke on resulting fallacy